Calling All Entrepreneurs – I want to Promote your product or service

I’ve had some limited success doing PR for a few startups (Laugh and Learn Workshop, Master the Mass Coaching Alliance) where I do services for them in exchange for 5% or less equity in their company and a small ($200 or less) monthly revenue share.

I’d like to do a lot more of these kinds of deals for you (the entrepreneur) and so I’ve put together a list of criteria for who I’d like to work with:

  1. My services include helping your product get mentions in many top publications (for a full list, you’ll need to sign a mutual NDA).
  2. My services have a set price (again, which I’ll share after the NDA is signed) that will translate pretty easily into a value in terms of my ownership in your product.
  3. My services can be done within a 3 – 6 month period, so they’re best to use if you’re trying to market your product; not if you’re still developing it.
  4. Your product should be targeted at a b2b audience.

That’s it for now. Call or email me: 801-602-9873,

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