4 Content Marketing Tips For Law Firms

4 Content Marketing Tips For Law Firms

Content marketing has been hyped in the internet marketing space during the last few years, with its popularity only increasing. Just about any law firm with ambition has started employing content marketing to improve their online visibility. While content marketing is definitely still very important for law firms to improve their online marketing, the fact that everyone is doing it means that you have to be doing it better than everyone else. This often takes a lot of time and effort and doesn’t usually show immediate results. In order to improve your firm’s content marketing efforts, you need to make sure that you are producing the right content and distributing it online where prospective clients will actually read it. We’ve gathered some tips that can help your firm more effectively use content marketing.

Find Your Niche

This goes for your entire practice as well as your content marketing. If you want to be known for being the best, you need to niche down. No law firm (especially not a small one) can be the best in every legal area. Focussing on a very specific niche doesn’t mean that you can’t take on any other types of cases anymore, but for your content marketing efforts you should focus first on the legal area(s) that you have the most experience and expertise in. It will be much easier to find the inspiration to write on topics that you have a lot of knowledge on. Once you have defined a small (profitable) niche that you want to focus on, create a content marketing plan for creating extremely valuable content related to this niche.

Tailor Content for Different Publishing Platforms

Different publishing platforms have different types of readers, which means that you need to tailor you content to suit the readers of a certain platform that you publish on. For example on Facebook your audience will likely be interested in a very different type of content than the audience that an online legal magazine attracts. By knowing what type of content people enjoy on different platforms you’ll be able to create a much more successful content marketing campaign.

Use Video Marketing

Video marketing is the new content marketing. Not everyone likes reading, especially not long articles. A lot of people, especially online, prefer visual content. It is for this reason that more and more business are focussing on video marketing. Keep your videos short, because people’s attention span on the internet is generally very short and share your videos in as many places as possible.

Be Responsive

If you are writing a blog or guest blogs and people comment on them with questions or remarks, make sure that your respond promptly. This will show your audience that you are engaged and want to provide value. Try to avoid getting into any heated debates however.

Content marketing is hip and happening so if you haven’t reassessed your content marketing goals for 2014 yet, now is the time to get started. If you are feeling overwhelmed with all the work it involves, you may want to hire a content marketing firm to help you out.

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Alamo Injury Attorneys, a personal injury law firm in San Antonio, Texas. Zane thinks that content marketing is aespecially effective in the legal field.