The Big Secret to LinkedIn Lead Generation

I’m going to spill the beans.

And I’m going to probably make some money doing it.

You see, I found a really neat way to send 1,000s of targeted, dynamic LinkedIn messages to people who aren’t my connections. Nor do I have a LinkedIn Premium account.

If you’re one of those people that consider this tactic spam, then that’s fine. Stop reading.

If you’re one of those people that like to generate 100% qualified leads on a daily basis from LinkedIn, keep reading.

Here it is, the big secret….

You can send around 100 messages PER DAY to people that are members of your same groups on LinkedIn.

And no, this is actually not spam. LinkedIn clearly provides the option for anyone to check a radio button in their group settings to either allow this feature or not.

Most people however don’t bother with it. Hence, 100’s of direct messages, delivered by LinkedIn, sent directly to targeted group members.

Let’s Take This a Step Further

I know you don’t have time to copy and paste messages to people all day long. You have a business to run. You have other things to do. And well you should.

You could probably hire some intern or VA to do this for you. But that cost adds up and never goes away.

There’s an easier, faster, more dynamic way to go about it.

Automating LinkedIn

Let me tell you a story. In July of this year, I found a LinkedIn automation software that looked really promising (if you want to skip all this and get right into the software and how it works, go here)

I bought a license, and started to play around with it. Without even knowing what I was doing, I generated a few thousand dollars in actual revenue in the first 30 days. That equates to about 50 leads, 5 of which turned into sales for me.

I’m not a salesman, but I do a pretty good job in the copywriting department. That’s all it took. I figured out what kind of messages to send, and to whom, and now I just turn on this software every morning and come back later in the afternoon with a few leads to respond to.

You know how when you eat something really amazing, you just want to tell all your FB and Twitter friends about it? I wanted to test this software on a few of my friends’ businesses as well. So I got a few buddies to buy the software, and helped them setup their messages and targeting.

Lo and behold, they started getting leads and sales too!

After some trial and error, I’m finally ready to open up this system that I’ve developed (I call it the Torked Leads system…. corny right?)

Anyway, you should at least learn about the software even if you don’t want to use my specific system for using it. So here it is, enjoy!