Faking it Till I Make it

It’s been almost 3 months since I started working at Snapp Conner PR. In that time, I’ve started the company newsletter, (design and management of content), created the new site (should go live next week) and have been developing a pr scorecard tool that lets users check their PR score in about 60 seconds for free, automatically. Also going live next week.

I have also gotten a few clients coverage in places like the WSJ, BusinessInsider, Forbes, and CEO Blog Nation.

I have relied heavily on forums, friends, and people from 3rd world countries to get all that stuff done. In the process, I’ve managed to learn plenty of new things about myself; the most important being that little mantra I always say to people when I tell them how I got into doing what I do: Fake it till you make it.

2 years ago, I had no idea what wordpress, php, DNS, bounce process, spam traps, honey pots, or LAMP were. Now I use those words on a daily basis, and can even impress people with all my amazing knowledge in those areas. And get paid for it! That’s a great perk for sure.

But I had to create my own opportunities to be able to utilize those things that I learned. I had to figure out solutions to my problems, and do it quickly. And being efficient with my time and with others’ time has been critical. I don’t know if I am just¬†innately¬†efficient, or if it was something I was taught. Either way, efficiency is something I prize most dearly in life.