Three Great Instagram Tips For Using Hashtags

Hashtags are a huge part of social media today and there is no site that uses them as much as Instagram. Instagram is a photo sharing site and you can make up any hashtag that you want in order to get it trending. There are some common etiquette rules for using hashtags like not using too many, making them relevant to the photographs and others that you probably already know. There are other tips that are just a bit outside of the normal realm that can help you use your hashtags with more flare. Below are three great Instagram tips for using hashtags.

No Hashtags in the Caption Field

One of the biggest mistakes that are made by just about everyone is using the hashtags in the caption field of the photo. But, wait, aren’t you supposed to hashtags and where else to put them other than the caption field? When you post your photo, leave out the hashtags and then put them in the comment field instead. They will still trend and offer all of the benefits of hashtags that are in the caption area but they look cleaner and your caption can be used for keywords that are searchable too. Having said that, keep in mind you still don’t want to use too many hashtags even if it’s not in the caption area.

Create a Note or Document for Common Hashtags

Anyone who uses a wide variety of hashtags but uses them consistently needs to have a way to preserve these hashtags. Even if one letter is off, the hashtag wont trend and cannot be searched because of the error. One way the really great Instagram users get their hashtags organized is by using notes on the phone or a document on the computer to store and save all of their hashtags. When they want to use them, they simply copy and paste it into the comments section of the photo. This saves so much time and saves you from posting hashtags that are incorrect.

Don’t Forget to Share Other Content

The whole point of Instagram, beyond sharing photos, is getting followers and following others. When you have followers they will share your photos. So what does this have to do with hashtags? Well, when they share your photos, they will use your hashtag but you can’t be selfish and just expect them to do all the sharing. Unless you want to buy IG followers, then you need to share and comment on your followers’ photos. People will know very quickly if you are genuine and if you are just there for your own benefit. They’ll drop you very quickly if you are not sharing their photos as much as they are sharing yours.

Hashtags are a vital part of Instagram and many other social media websites so it’s very important to understand how to use them effectively. Don’t put hashtags in the caption field and make sure you always have a note or document that lists your favorite hashtags to keep them organized. Finally, share other people’s hashtags and photos to keep them sharing yours.

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